Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen ‘Death’ – A Translation

Sophia de Mello writing and smoking by the window
Sophia de Mello


How you are clear, 

What freshness stayed between your fingers… 


You are a fountain, 

With white stones in your depths, 

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water, breaches

you, the kisser


and still buzzed

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Noémia de Sousa ‘I Will Rise Lucid’ – A Translation

Noémia de Sousa

You beat me and threaten me 

Now I lift my enlighted head

And scream: ‘Enough!’(…) Condemning me to eternal darkness

Now my African soul is illuminated

And discovered the fraud and screamed, screamed a thousand


You put me in this cage and now you want to crucify me

Now I’ve drawn the rosy tint from my eyes 

And screamed: ‘Enough!’ 

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Sofia de Mello Bryner Andreson ‘Await Me’ – A Translation


On beaches that are the white faces of the beloved dead
I will let your name lose itself repeatedly

But await me:
For however long the journey
I’ll return.

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Thoughts on Joy Harjo’s ‘Dangerous Woman’: Resistance, Power and Survival

‘I Am a Dangerous Woman’[1] was published in 1979 in Harjo’s second collection of poetry What Moon Drove Me To This? and like much of Harjo’s poetry, in this collection and beyond, it explores cultural and feminist concerns.

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The picture of defiance; 

stood still and fair. 

She, opulence born, declaring

‘Give me justice!’ 

to deaf ears

in streams of sober black velvet laced in pearls

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I dream each grain of the ocean bed

anemone, coral reef

jellyfish blooms –

colours that unbend, unravel

tied in ribbons in knots of fragile wind I may be

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