da terra: a new translation project


I’ve loved writing this blog, receiving your comments, and seeing my work referenced in yours. Onlycoffeeisreal will continue to be my very personal and special place on the internet, and I aim to publish the many, many currently ‘in draft’ posts I have saved over the coming months. But now, and in the future, you can also find my work (and new translations) on the recently launched and co-managed da-terra.org.

For me, da terra is an evolution of and represents a progression from, the work I first explored here: our aim is to increase representation and raise awareness of voices and stories from Portuguese-speaking Africa. You can read poetry and short story translations, as well as (soon to come) more literary translations which remain the heart of what I love to do, but we also transcribe, translate and publish interviews from real people, sharing their stories and experiences of colonial, but mostly post-colonial, Portuguese-speaking Africa.

I’m still that girl. And I hope you’ll continue to read, enjoy, reference and comment on my work.

Over to you folks, let me know what you think:

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