Await Me – A Translation of Sophia De Mello Breyner Andresen


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'Coral', pub. 1950
‘Coral’, pub. 1950

This series of poems are original translations of a sequence by Sophia de Mello which begins with, ‘Our beaches’ (first stanza) and ends with ‘Our parting is more obvious with each day’ (last stanza). They are not a related sequence; they simply appear together one after the other, but for this reason and their impact when read together, I chose to translate them almost as a whole. I definitely recommend that they are also read and enjoyed as individual poems.

There’s something like magic in tiny, well formed poems.

Please refer below to read the original poem in Portuguese, published in Coral, 1950.

Sophia de Mello


Nas praias que são o rosto branco das amadas mortas

Deixarei que o teu nome se perca repetido

Mas espera-me:

Pois por mais longos que sejam os caminhos

Eu regresso.


Read more of my translation of Sophia de Mello’s collection Coral.

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