Soft, malleable, peachy; 

that naughty babe was never innocent. 

Barefoot, with lips dripping honey

flushing purposefully with the pinkness of her youth

baring naked ankles and arms, 

She swirls coyly before him;

playful, as he

gorges on her delicious desirability, 

feeding that gargantuan lust 

thick fingers laden with bands of gold 

and clammy palms 

grip her naked torso; 

which, like liquid pearl

shines silvery white in the dusky light, 

where their illicit play carries on 

into the quickening blackness

One swish of her full skirts

smashed his pride in smithereens

her pussycat play and saucy walk

the graceful arching 

of her perfect feet;

But in the end, that veiled thorn did prick him deep.

The cuckold mourned their soiled love

in a ferocious rage

whilst her severed head, still gummy, 

lolled about the wooden scaffold.

Over to you folks, let me know what you think:

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